Virtual reality is illusion

We’re living in interesting times: people speak, share, support, advocate, resist, demand, object… they do zillions of things… in social media. They are very active.

And where is the result? What change have you brought about?

Reality shows teach us that we support by sending text messages: convenient, just pay a little and you’re part of the game. Are you really?

There are many causes and events and people put a thumbs-up, some are even ‘more committed’ and click ‘attending’. How many show up at the event? You’ll be shocked.

And it’s not just a matter of your physical presence.

It’s a law Use it or Lose it: if you don’t use your voice to stand for the right causes and take your time to take certain actions, it you just sit at your computer and live via your avatar with thumbs up and down, you will lose your voice. There are people out there who are very much concerned to keep you in slavery and bondage, so that they may rule the world. And they enjoy your emojis…

It’s YOUR life and YOU decide what to do with it – you may waste it on social media. But don’t complain if you have nothing left of it. And you feel like pushed in the corner, pressed on every side, stripped of every right but ‘free’ to use all the emojis you want.

Freedom takes daily actions both to win it and to keep it. You may be the freest person in your virtual reality but everyone can see and hear your chains of bondage in the real world…

YOU choose how to live your life. Step up and give your voice to worthy causes. Emojis don’t count…

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